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Artisan Design Concepts

Producing custom epoxy countertops and floors that are both beautiful and highly durable.

Artisan Design Concepts

Producing custom epoxy countertops and floors that are both beautiful and highly durable.

Epoxy Countertops, Epoxy Floors and Epoxy Surfaces

Epoxy countertops and floors are the perfect solutions for anyone looking to achieve a high-end look without spending a fortune. Epoxy is a durable, easy-to-clean material that can be customized to match any décor.

It is also resistant to scratches, stains and heat, making it ideal for busy kitchens and high-traffic areas. Epoxy countertops are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect look for your home.

Epoxy floors are also an excellent choice for those wanting to create a unique space. Garage floors and commercial floors take a lot of abuse, so it is important to choose a material that can withstand heavy traffic and extreme temperatures. Epoxy is the perfect solution!


Epoxy countertops and surfaces are the solution for consumers seeking a high end, customizable look for lower prices than natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble or quartzite.  Learn More

Custom Built or Revitalized Tables


We can restore or revitalize old, worn-out, or out-of-style tables or we can create and design one-of-a-kind pieces from scratch. See before and after photos              Learn More


We can create unique epoxy art pieces, matching serving trays and costers, and epoxy handles that are sure to be conversation starters.  From mild to wild, we can take your vision and make them come to life. Learn More

What We Do

Artisan Design Concepts produces epoxy Countertops that have the look and feel of polished natural stone. Our countertops are 100% non-porous and never need to be re-sealed. The countertops are 100% anti-bacterial, food-grade (approved for commercial restaurant use), seamless, stain and moisture resistant, scratch, impact, and heat resistant up to 475 degrees.

Applying an epoxy coating to your garage or commercial floor is one of the best ways to protect it from wear and tear. Epoxy is a tough and durable material that will resist staining and fading, and it’s easy to clean. Epoxy coatings can also transform your boring concrete floor into a professional-looking surface of beauty and function. In addition, epoxy garage floors are slip-resistant and fire-resistant, making them safer for you and your family. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that epoxy is one of the most popular garage flooring options today.


We don’t just beautify your surfaces, we can also beautify your walls and other items for your home or office.

Epoxy artwork ranges from wall art, serving trays, coasters, and more! The colors, shine, and shimmer that can be included are limited only by your imagination. These make great gifts as well!

In addition, we also create custom epoxy handles ranging from tool handles, shifter knobs, beverage tap handles and more.

Metallic Floor

Custom Designs

Each of our surfaces are custom made to fit your design needs and our unique coloring process allows for any color combination and sheen. We’re not limited by stone availability, slab size, or even large price increases for the look of exotic stone. Veins and other mineral effects found in natural stone can be mimicked or even enhanced to complement any home or business, allowing for a versatile and dynamic element to any design.

Advantages of Epoxy Counters and Tabletops

Durable Resin Finish

When epoxy hardens, it creates a solid surface that should last for years. We love epoxy due to its long-lasting shine and limitless design options.

Unlike varnishes and other types of coatings, you don’t need to continually reapply the material when it starts to dull and it never needs to be sealed.


The durable heat and scratch-resistant finish holds up well in comparison to other types of countertop materials and coatings. Cracking or damaging the epoxy surface is something that we rarely see.

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to choosing new flooring systems for industrial use, garage floor coating, or any other indoor or outdoor surface, epoxy resin flooring truly stands out from other flooring options for many reasons.

Epoxy flooring, also known as resinous flooring, is highly durable, customizable, sustainable, and decorative for any surface. What appeals most to epoxy flooring is its resistance to high levels of wear and tear, making it the most long-lasting flooring option. 


Artisan Design Concepts evolved from a hobby that grew into our family business. We renovated our garage to create the Artisan Design Concepts Studio where we create, customize or revitalize Epoxy Countertops, Tables, Commissioned Artwork and Custom Wrapped Fishing Rods and Epoxy Handles. Learn More


Artisan Design Concepts produces custom epoxy counters and tabletops that have the look and feel of polished natural stone. Each of our surfaces are custom made to fit your design needs and our unique coloring process allows for any color combination and sheen. Learn More


After contacting Artisan Design Concepts, we will set a time for a consultation to go over your expectations and or ideas that you may have, followed by providing you a proposal for your project. Learn More


We appreciate you considering us and look forward to creating something spectacular for you!

Veteran Owned and Operated


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