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5 Interesting Facts About the Shield Date Garden

5 Interesting Facts About the Shield Date Garden


If you’re along Highway 111 in Palm Springs, visiting the Shields Date Garden is a must! There’ll be an enormous wooden knight welcoming you to the grove. Visitors may wander amid date palms and biblical sculptures, see an instructional film, or buy a date shake from the diner-style counter. 

Shield Date Garden in Indio, California is at the top of an extremely competitive date industry, has developed its own date kinds, such as the famed “Blonde” and “Brunette” dates, which are exclusive to Shields Date Garden and grown nowhere else on the planet. Keep reading on to learn 5 more interesting facts about the Shield Date Garden. 

  • The History 

Palm Springs’ warm, dry environment is perfect for date palms, which is why the US government transported the plants from the Middle East to try cultivation in the early 1800s. In 1924, Floyd and Bess Shields established Shields Date Garden in the Coachella Valley California desert, where the date industry was relatively new but still competitive. 

By working long and hard to grow their company, teaching their clients about date farming and with a lot of ingenuity and vision, almost 100 years later the Shield Date Garden is a chief manufacturer of dates in the American Industry. 

  • The Date Crystals and The Date Shake

We wouldn’t be talking about the Shield Date Garden if I didn’t mention the best of the Shields’ creativity: the date crystal. A dried product made from a mix of dates, they don’t need to be refrigerated, and if stored in a moisture-proof container, they can keep for years without the use of preservatives. 

They go remarkably well with vanilla ice cream and milk. Thus, the famous Date Shake was born. The shake was an instant hit and is the most popular beverage in the county. 

  • The Café 

The infamous Date Shake spiraled over the region, with other brands producing their likeness of it. A whole menu involving dates and other nuts are available at the detailed café, for example the date burger, date pancakes, or just dates loaded with cheese, jalapenos, while they offer your standard omelets, sandwiches, and steak. There’s also date ice-cream! 

  • The Walk

Shield’s horticulture and landscaping team created a 17-acre date farm that is traversed by a garden walk. It features 14 scenes and 23 sculptures that represent Christ’s life. Taking a tour of the lovely garden is a must. Not only do you marvel at the magnificent date trees, but also awe in the biblical sculptures. An audio narration on your mobile device is also available.

The garden shop sells all of the date types produced on the grounds, as well as the famous Shields date crystals, as well as a range of sauces and vinegars, including the fascinating figs and date vinegar.

  • The Theater 

Throughout the 1950s, Floyd Shields gave talks in the grove about the arduous process of date cultivation in order to attract visitors and promote his unique commitment to date farming. His lesson eventually became a slideshow with the title “The Romance and Sex Life of the Date,” a clever pun on the word date. This film is still in demand, and the theater can be individually rented to clients as well.

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