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Our Process

Artisan Design Concepts helps you with everything you need to know about epoxy counters, tabletops, artwork, fishing rods and epoxy handles. We believe you deserve the best so after contacting us, we will set a time for a consultation to go over your expectations and any ideas that you may have. We will then provide you with a cost estimate for your project. Once approved, your project will follow one of the timelines below.

Custom Designs

Perfect For Any Business Or Home

Each Of Our Surfaces Are Custom Made To Fit Your Design Needs And Our Unique Coloring Process Allows For Any Color Combination And Sheen

Process Timelines

Countertop Process

Once contracts are signed, we will set up a date to template your countertops and finalize colors and designs. Once templating is completed, it will take approximately 30 days to construct, epoxy, polish and schedule installation of your new custom Artisan Design Concepts countertops. Epoxy takes 30 days until it is fully cured and reaches full hardness.  We prefer to install after the 30-day mark in order to deliver a top that is 100% ready to enjoy. Over 90% of the countertop process is completed off site which minimizes the time, inconvenience, and mess of onsite construction.  Installation takes as little as one to two days.

Tabletop Process

If we are building you a new table, we will discuss your desired sizing and determine what kind of base you would like. If we are revitalizing a worn-out tabletop, we will discuss all your options as well. Once our proposal is approved, we will send you a contract and finalize colors and designs. It will take us approximately 30 days to construct, epoxy, polish and complete your new custom Artisan Design Concepts tabletop.

Artwork Process

Just like the process with counters or tables, after contacting Artisan Design Concepts, we will set a time for consultation to go over your expectations and or ideas that you may have for your commissioned wall art, serving trays, or anything else you may have in mind. Once our estimate is approved, we will finalize colors and designs. Your finished products will be completed usually within 15 days from the time of ordering.

Fishing Rods and Handles Process

Similar to all our processes, we will discuss the type of fish rod or handle you would like as well as the colors and designs requested. Once your order is finalized it will take approximately 7 days for custom wrapped fishing rods with epoxy handles to be completed and approximately 5 days for all other handles such as tool handles, beverage taps, gear shift knobs, etc…to be completed.

Custom Designs

Artisan Design Concepts

Producing Custom Epoxy Counters And Tabletops That Have The Look And Feel Of Polished Natural Stone


We appreciate you considering us and look forward to creating something spectacular for you!

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