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Amazing Variations
I am in awe of all the amazing variations of stones that Staci and Travis @ Artisan Design Concepts are able to duplicate. Their work is beautiful and each piece is one of a kind. I look forward to not only using you for my own home but also for referring all of my clients to you! You have a bright future ahead of you.
- Marlene Renee Ruttenberg

Amazing Designs
Staci is an artist at what she does and is making some amazing designs. If you have a custom project or need something unique this is the spot to go. Instead of having to have seams in your countertop or non-matching veins you can go as big as you want without having to deal with those. An amazing addition to any house or business.
- Mattew McPherson

We recently got a quote from Staci and Travis owners of Artisan Designs. Having a light colored kitchen was what we are aiming for. She showed us a few designs she created based on the colors we wanted our kitchen. Needless to say, Staci is full of creative ideas to achieve the look you desire in your home. Their creative alternative to natural stone is a must have in your home.
- Jenny Ishikawa

Blown Away
Want to make your office or home really stand out? Let Staci and team make it happen for you. You’ll be blown away like I was! You can thank me later ?

- Katie Stice

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About Coachella

Coachella History- The Railroad

In 1876, the Southern Pacific Railroad was built, and officials from the company announced that it would begin operations with a four-hour timetable on May 29, with the first trains leaving Los Angeles for Indio. General superintendent A. N. Towne oversaw things.


The city and town of Coachella have a long history, dating back to 1898 when the Coachella Valley was simply one of the huge unpolluted sand wastes in the Colorado River basin. At that time, mesquite and greasewood flourished in the area.

When James L. Rector, a local rancher known as the town’s creator, constructed a mesquite wood station on a Southern Pacific Railroad siding from which timber was carried to market in Los Angeles, this area became well-known. Woodspur was the spur or siding, and it flourished.

Artesian Water Spurred Early Land Development in Valley

The hamlet’s name was Woodspur, after a local mansion. Mr. Rector gave up his job to pursue a lifetime ambition of mapping the valley. His next action was to drill a well to see whether there was enough water for irrigation, as suspected.
The Lon B. Rector family of speculators began farming on this property only after having a well dug four miles east of Indio.
The first well was drilled in May 1900, and it tapped a high-quality artesian well (which is now covered by the intersection of Grapefruit Avenue and Fifth Street in Coachella) that descended 550 feet and took eight months to dig. The Rectors completed the well in November 1900.

The population of Coachella remained very low throughout the 1940s, with a small increase during the 1950s. The town of Coachella originally spanned 2.5 square miles. Between First through Ninth Streets, there have been various names for the region between First and Ninth Avenues.


We appreciate you considering us and look forward to creating something spectacular for you!

City Hall

The city hall is located on Coachella Park, which was given to Riverside County by the Coachella Land & Water Company in 1905.

On May 24, 1949, the City Council made the first attempt to persuade Riverside County to cede its land for a new city. The city hall, which was erected on half of the parkland and dedicated October 29, 1949, was originally called “park” or “City Hall Park.” The name Veterans’ Memorial Park is now used to refer it

The City Hall building was erected to house the court, administration departments, US Post Office, and police station.

Visiting Indian Wells? Here’s what you need to know

Coachella Today

The city of Coachella is growing as the downtown advances, bringing new people to the city – Pueblo Viejo (the old area) is sometimes known as.

Despite its reputation as a Spanish-speaking region, most of Coachella’s inhabitants are United States citizens who were born and reared in the area. A Mexican American community with several generations has developed in the town.
The city’s most populous group is made up of younger Latino families (about 90% of Hispanic origin), and migrant farm laborers reside in the rural areas. The city is officially bilingual, with meetings conducted and held primarily in English but with some official discussions still carried out in Spanish.
There are three major festivals in the town each year: Cinco de Mayo (May 5), the 16th of September Fiestas Patrias (Patriots’ Day), and the 12th of December—to commemorate Our Lady of Guadalupe—to celebrate her. Mexico honors Mary, too.
There are three casinos on Indian reservations within striking distance of Coachella: Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino, Spotlight 29 Casino, and Augustine Casino, all controlled by Native American tribes – the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, Twentynine Palms Band of Mission Indians, and Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians.

Several of these little yet extremely successful organizations have elected bodies to safeguard community self-reliance. Coachella is also home to a significant Southwest Indian (Apache, Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni) population that was not originally from the California desert region.

The first season of California’s Gold, which featured Coachella, was released on VHS by Huell Howser Productions in Los Angeles in 2001.

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