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Why Epoxy?

Epoxy tables and countertops are the solution for consumers seeking a high end, customizable look for lower prices than natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble or quartzite. Each of our surfaces are custom made to fit your design needs and our unique coloring process allows for any color combination and sheen. We’re not limited by stone availability, slab size, or even large price increases for the look of exotic stone. Veins and other mineral effects found in natural stone can be mimicked or even enhanced to complement any home or business, allowing for a versatile and dynamic element to any design. 

Finished with any Sheen

If you like a super-shiny and glossy polished finish, then you’ll love epoxy. You can’t get much glossier. It does wear down some in time, but you can maintain that glossy look with periodic applications of mineral oil (refer to our section on Caring for your Epoxy Surfaces). We can leave your surface high gloss or use our Ultimate Top Coat for a gloss or matte finish that adds even more durability and scratch protection. We will show you samples of a variety of finishes to help you decide which sheen is right for you.

Unlimited Design Potential

Epoxy is likely the most versatile countertop material when it comes to design possibilities. Essentially any color or pattern you can dream of can be created.


Epoxy is the only type of countertop that can offer a genuinely seamless surface for continuous color and pattern.

Heat resistant

You can set a hot dish on the surface without instantly ruining your countertop. Keep in mind that if you leave a heated baking dish or a hot coffee carafe on a layer of epoxy, it will eventually damage the surface. Epoxy is heat resistant, but not heatproof.

Nontoxic and food safe

Our epoxy products are considered non-toxic and are food-safe for countertops once the epoxy resin has cured and is approved for a restaurant and commercial use.

Easy to clean

You can use almost any cleaning product on it without damaging the epoxy, ensuring that you have a safe place to prepare your foods. The nonporous surface is also resistant to mold and bacteria growth. 


We appreciate you considering us and look forward to creating something spectacular for you!

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