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The Most Common Questions We Are Asked

What Are Epoxy Tables and Countertops?

Epoxy tables and countertops are the solution for consumers seeking a high end, customizable looks for lower prices than natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble or quartzite. Each of our surfaces are custom made to fit your design needs and our unique coloring process allows for any color combination and sheen. We’re not limited by stone availability, slab size, or even large price increases for the look of exotic stone. Veins and other mineral effects found in natural stone can be mimicked or even enhanced to complement any home or business, allowing for a versatile and dynamic element to any design.

How long does it take to install?

If you choose a high gloss or honed finish, your countertops can be completed in approximately 30 days after your order is finalized and installed in one days. If you choose a matte finish using our Ultimate Top Coat, the timing can be cut in half. Over 90% of the countertop process is completed off-site which minimizes the time, inconvenience, and mess of onsite construction.  

More about our process and timing.

What kind of surface can epoxy be applied to?

We can apply epoxy over most materials, including Formica, Laminate, Ceramic, Metal, Wood, Concrete and Glass.


How durable are epoxy surfaces?

Our epoxy countertops and tables have a very durable surface that is both scratch and heat resistant. As with all countertop surfaces, it’s possible to damage countertop epoxy, however, the Artisan Design Concepts epoxy top process makes fixing those small repairs relatively simple. When other countertop materials are damaged, they are hard to fix and sometimes even un-repairable.


Are the epoxy surfaces food-grade safe?

Our tops are 100% non-porous and never need to be re-sealed. They are 100% anti-bacterial, food-grade (approved for commercial restaurant use), seamless, stain and moisture resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant and heat resistant up to 475 degrees. Our epoxy surfaces are also environmentally friendly. The epoxy we use contains very low VOC (volatile organic compound, qualifying as a green building material).


Are epoxy tables and countertops affordable?

Our surfaces are very economical. Other materials are much higher in price:

– Granite costs $90+ per sq ft

– Solid Surface such as Corian costs $75+ per sq ft

– Quartz costs $95+ per sq ft

– Natural Stone costs $75+ per sq ft

– Marble costs $100+ sq ft

Every project is different in size and style. Please contact us to receive a free personalized quote.

How do I care for my epoxy surfaces to keep them looking beautiful?

Epoxy is heat resistant and scratch resistant but even with its durability, keep in mind that this is a coating. Treat it with care just like you would any other surface. Don’t cut directly on the countertop unless you want to risk getting a scratch on it. Use a cutting board! We recommend using felt pads or trivets under the feet of heavy appliances and place Crock Pots or Pressure Cookers on a cutting board when in use. Don’t use harsh, gritty, or abrasive cleansers. Do not drag or scoot appliances or heavy items across the surface. These countertops can be buffed out if you get them scratched, but keep in mind, the deeper the damage, the harder it is to repair. While epoxy is durable, it does stain easily if spills are not adequately cleaned. Always clean food or drink spills immediately to reduce the risk of permanent stains.  Epoxy countertops are incredibly easy to keep clean. You can use a wide variety of cleaning products and methods without damaging the surface, but there are a few details to keep in mind.  Avoid using abrasive cleaning products, as they may scratch or dull the surface. In some cases, the abrasive cleaner may leave swirl marks on the countertop. You should also skip the scouring pads, waxes, or polishes. We find that a streak-free glass cleaner works great or dish soap with water.  To maintain the brilliant shine, we also recommend that you perform a simple maintenance task. Once per week maximum or monthly, use a small amount of mineral oil on the surface. The oil helps keep the surface from dulling, unless you use too much, which can produce the opposite effect. Pour a dime-sized amount of food-safe mineral oil on a microfiber towel. Rub it into your countertop using a circular motion until you give the entire surface an extra gloss.  Adding too much oil can create a cloudy appearance. If you add too much, wipe it away with a dry cloth. You can buy mineral oil, also known as finish oil, online or at most home improvement stores.  To avoid stains, clean up your spills immediately with a paper towel or washcloth. You can also make a baking soda paste to help prevent stains on your epoxy countertops. When you discover the stain too late, you may still have a chance to remove it before it causes permanent damage.  To clean spills with baking soda, make a paste by mixing your baking soda with water in a ratio of 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of water for ½ cup (104 g) of baking soda. Apply the paste to the stain, let it sit for 5 minutes, and wipe it off with a washcloth.  Never use bleach to attempt stain removal. The bleach can create its own stain on your countertops.

Are there any other important instructions or details?


Epoxy reaches full hardness in 30 days, however, it remains soft enough to flow over the edges of counters and tables without cracking or breaking. Due to the structure of epoxy, if a heavy item is left on your surface for a long period of time or an item where the weight isn’t evenly distributed, you may see slight ripples or indentations appear. Do not panic! This is normal! Epoxy has a memory and will return to its original state after you move the item. It may take a day or two, or if you want to speed the process up a bit, you can use a hairdryer to lightly heat the area and the indentations will disappear before your eyes. Use caution…do not use high heat and leave concentrated in one area. Keep the dryer moving around the affected area and then remove the heat and examine. Apply more heat if needed.

Color Choices:

While we can surely create your epoxy surface in almost any color combination, please note that all epoxy will also have the tendency to amber over time. In addition, lighter colors, especially white, will show yellowing much easier. We do use epoxy with added UV protection but suggest to not expose the lighter surfaces to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 1-year adhesion warranty. If the coating lifts, peels, bubbles, or cracks due to improper installation or workmanship we will address the issue and make any necessary repairs. While our aim is to deliver top quality and client satisfaction, there are some things we are unable to accept responsibility for.  When you sign your contract, it will include an Important Instructions addendum which provides clear instructions on how to use and care for your epoxy counters or tabletops. If our instructions are not followed and there is damage to the surface, we will not be held liable. Scratches are not a warrantable item. Please contact us directly for our maintenance and touch-up program.

What kind of custom handles do you create?

We can build you a custom epoxy handle to fit all your design needs. In addition, we can create handles for a variety of products such as tool handles, beverage taps, gear shift knobs, and more…



We appreciate you considering us and look forward to creating something spectacular for you!

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